Metaphors and Oneness

I find it fantastically unifying the way nature can act as a metaphor to represent the whole of the human realm of emotions, mind states and life cycles.
The gentle rise and growth of Spring reflecting new relationships, beginnings and hope for the future. Summer bringing about the zenith and fulfilment of that early promise. Autumn becoming a calming and gentle readjustment to the already known. A winding down of the energy of Summer. Winter reflecting the time for rest, quiet in order to conserve energy for Springs rebirth.
Likewise soft rain reflecting tears for memories past but leading to renewed hope for the future and signalling a movement forward in ourselves. Sunshine energising growth, expression, freedom and snow depicting creative beauty in the midst of austerity. Finally the storm expressing the high and powerful emotions of love, passion and overwhelming strength of feeling which will not be denied. Starting with gentle gusts, quietly building in power,slowly rising to a climax of raw, uninhibited energy as it throws all nature in its vicinity into a frenzied dance only to eventually quietly retreat, leaving only the scattered debris of foliage as a reminder.


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