An Open Book?

An Open Book?

Before I realised I had empathic tendencies I often used to get confused and disorientated by the sheer swathes of emotions and feelings that used impose themselves on me from all quarters. Especially as I work with people suffering from mental health problems some of the mindsets I have found myself sharing has on occasions been harrowing.
Now that I am more grounded and insightful my empathy can really prove useful when working with individuals.
I mostly try not to pay to much attention to my intuitions on a day to day basis as it interferes quite badly with ‘normal ‘communication for me.
However I have at times used it to help me understand others and their motives.
I have met many people both in and out of work who I can sense their psychological position , their subjective interpretation of reality. No two people are the same.
For instance, a relative of mine has sociopathic tendencies. He felt very cold and empty emotionally, a feeling of not being to display or understand love as he had seemingly never encountered it. His only goal was to control his world in order to reduce any threat to his unstable ego.
An anxious / depressed individual who feels they are lost at sea, who believes they are at the mercy of an unpredictable world which may overwhelm them at any moment. Wanting only a sanctuary of psychological peace where they no longer feel vulnerable.
The fear of someone with paranoia, of not being able to effectively perceive threats, of what is real or imagined. Of not feeling able to share those feelings as it may only go to further alienate others from someone who already feels alienated from the world.
Every person tells a story – mostly people seem to be a sum of their experiences but in that, they are in still in a ‘process’. A process of becoming, depending on subsequent experiences will ultimately decide an individuals fate in relation to their growth and ability to ‘move on’.


5 thoughts on “An Open Book?

  1. Great Blog- Being an empath I have struggled with other people’s emotions most of my life. It wasn’t until I practiced my mediation rituals that I intuitively discovered how to turn things around and use this trait to help other people.
    Blessing, Have a great day


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