A Small Sacrifice…………

Through meditation, reflection and examination I often get a glimpse of a reality which is seemingly not based on my own personal egoic view of the world. A vision of a congruent and vital Oneness of all life, all nature and the universe being inextricably bound together in a seamless, unified wave of energy. There is no room or reason for subjectivity as it only serves to confuse and trivialise the true nature of all that is.
When we are able to step out of our psyche’s preoccupation with attempting to fulfill our myriad of human ‘needs’, we can often see that we are merely a minute part of the whole. A small energetic event amidst an infinite array of energetic events that constitute our world and the cosmos.
We need to choose to intuitively follow our calling to individuate on a personal level in order that we can fulfill nature’s demand that we fully contribute to the largely unseen process of becoming.
We may have to sacrifice and destroy our ego and our idea of our own individual value for the greater good, for the furtherance of the true nature of reality in order for it to maximise its inherent potential.
Or we could cling to our small, ego led selves, the fulfillment of whose needs pay mere lip service to the call for a unified, energetic response to the cosmos’s demand for personal immersion into the whole process of reality’s will to power of becoming.


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