What we’re for………..?

We all have our own subjective view of reality, for some it’s seemingly quite simple. These people are often ones who appear to adhere to a more dogmatic approach, that is their beliefs are consistent with an organised religion or philosophy. This of course does not mean it is not true for that individual any less so than my ‘truth’ is for me.
The problem with being empathic can be that our nature is naturally spiritual, that we are born or develop into it often unbidden. That is to say our spirituality is predisposed to some extent and if we are true to ourselves and our path we come to individuate in a unique manner. We often, certainly historically have had to come to terms with this without the luxury of peer support which is prevalent in the more mainstream religions. Luckily being an empath is now recognised by others, though by no means mainstream there is a degree of peer identification.

Whereas perhaps in the past many empaths may have fallen victim to mental health difficulties and / or addiction problems in order to numb themselves to the personal challenges that go with this predilection, we are now in a more positive position to use our abilities for the common good.

My interpretation of my place in the universe is as follows ( obviously subject to change as I move along my path) –
I am energetically aware, of both seen and unseen energies. My mission seems to be that of enabling the energetic transformation of others to a more peaceful and grounded state. I can do this through the medium of verbal and non verbal communication. However any change that I create in others is due to the combined effect of my presence and an almost unconscious transfer of energy towards the other person, it can contain both verbal and non verbal content but the essence is in the subtle combination of communicating my attention to that person.
I feel that I am part of the infinite oneness of the universe and I have my part to play in life’s processes, this is my programming, my destiny. And currently with this I am blessedly happy.


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