Nature as Teacher………?


I have always been an avid reader for many years and have learnt much through the medium of the written word. However I still find my greatest teacher and inspiration has been nature herself. Nowhere else can relay so much insight and understanding, not only through our base five senses but also on so many more levels. Certainly being empathic and having strong spiritual senses can lead us to feel the energetic potential of the natural world to a greater degree.
Nature provides us with education in all subjects :
– history, that every plant or animal now living has a genetic past leading back to the time of creation.
– biology, the procreative processes of all living things, their growth, their flourishing to their eventual demise as we all return to the Earth from where we sprang.
– physics and chemistry, the complex interactions between the forces of Nature on our flora and fauna, how the rain, wind and sea form our landscapes, the interconnectedness of life apparent as we witness every aspect of Nature effecting and integrating with one another.
– languages, the multifarious variety by which all living things communicate, plant life communicating with each other ( via fungal mycelium etc), the different calls of each and every animal.
The examples are endless but one of the main themes is that of the humanities. Nature herself has all the answers humans need to find their place in the world, she shows us that our family is all around us, trees, plants, animals and other humankind; all that now and ever has existed remain with us at a fundamental level. There is no true division of ourselves from anything else in our world as is proven on a quantum level. However we do not need to read quantum physics to know this. Nature exhibits this on every level providing we are open to her.


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