Soul Searching…….? 

It’s often hard to justify to most people ( and for people to understand) why I don’t jump on the personal criticism ‘ bandwagon’. By this I mean everywhere in life are individuals who are more subject to ridicule, abuse and critical appraisal than others. 

These people may have differing belief systems to the majority, they may exhibit behaviours that are amusing to others or which elicit angry and abusive responses. 

For many that have seemingly over valued ideas, who have highly critical natures, who themselves are frequently angry, who behave in self defeating actions, who hide away from society in their homes, behind personal masks or by alcohol and drugs to numb the intensity of their feelings. 

Being empathic, I can understand and feel their pain. I know why and how their personal growth has been effected by earlier and current life traumas resulting in whom they have become. 

When I openly express compassion for these individuals it is often met with the conversation abruptly ending or the topic being changed. I understand why also certain people indulge in this behaviours. 

The truth is, it is hard to be authentic in an empathic life as there are so many occasions that present themselves to us where we operate outside the perceived ‘ normal’ societal scenarios. This has led to many instances resulting in myself being the subject of abuse and criticism by others. However I stand by my authenticity. 

If only psychological and emotional scars were as easy to recognise as physical ones there may be more compassion in the world.


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