Thanks for the Winks 

It’s funny how life unfolds and how potential secrets become revealed. I can only ever estimate what my current beliefs and understanding of life have in relation to 

supposed ‘reality’. I suspect that fundamentally reality is different for each individual in a way described by Deepak Chopra in his book Life After Death. In that our perception of what seems to be happening outside of us is often conditioned by our experiences and beliefs. 
I have had a potential couple of insights this evening which kind of resonate with me but in a manner that I did not expect. 

Whenever I write, I seem to write in response to a need ‘somewhere’, it seems it is part of me but also not me if that makes any sense. I feel sometimes I write in response to a universally shared human soul. It almost feels ‘channelled’, as often I am really not sure where the motivation and the words come from. 
Secondly, I have often wondered why whenever I talk to people who seem to have an understanding of being empathic or being spiritual that it turns out that they actually have a very limited awareness of the depth of the issues. 

I have thought about the reason why I decided to open up to these individuals and I recall receiving an virtually imperceptible spiritual ‘wink’. It’s really difficult to describe but it is like an empathic energy exchange, usually by eye contact. They seem to have a warm, open hearted energy twinkling in their eyes. I have come to thinking that perhaps these are souls on a similar path but at a different stage of growth. It’s almost as if the universe has somehow ‘winked’ at me and said ‘you are not alone’ but the person involved seems to not really aware of the connection. I get many ‘winks’ from others in empath and spiritual groups, there are some friends from groups on the Internet I have made but never spoken to, whom I know are spiritually and energetically empathise with. They are the ones I can feel love, compassion and strength in their posts. 

I never pretend to have a monopoly on truth, I am simply a human having human experiences but it is good to share our perceptions as they can often help others along their path. Especially when as our path is often difficult and it is all to easy to fall to the wayside.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for the Winks 

  1. Oh I love the winks! I’ve had them happen, too!! Often from a human angel and like a reminder, to not take a situation too serious or a, I got your back. Winking at ya, haha. Have a great day/evening.

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