I Belong to the Night…… 

I stand upright staring at the Moon, thronged by millions of miniscule stars scattered amongst the deep, dark blue velvet of the night sky. A cool earthy breeze runs its fingers through my hair and caresses my bare skin. The cool dampness of the grass beneath my feet and the aroma of freshly rain soaked soil filling my lungs. All combine to return me to my mythic past, to a time when I knew myself only as an animal amongst other animals. Where my lair was made from Nature herself, where when I slept, I did so close to the Earth. As one with the world, there was no you or I, no out there or in here, no divisive thought to extricate me from being part of all that exists. 

 I stand, enveloped in the darkness,  my pupils dilated, my ears able perceive the slightest sound, the conscious awareness of the tension in my muscles and tendons. My pounding heart fuelled by adrenaline causing blood to rush through my body giving rise to my senses becoming increasingly heightened by the raw sensuality of the night. 

I ran. I ran because I could no longer quietly contain my sense of vitality and vigor. I ran to celebrate the joy of being, of being gifted with a worldly paradise of neverending beauty, of being allowed to partake of a life which has made me humble yet omnipotent. 

The branches and foliage seemingly claw my skin as I race through the woods serving only to intensify and sharpen my senses to an almost unbearable degree. In my mind I am running with the pack, feeding off the energy of exhilaration as I crash through the undergrowth ,my feet preturnaturally able to find purchase amongst the leaves and bushes. 

I sense the presence of blood on my lips where twigs have scored their mark, its metallic moist taste reminding me how the many channels of blood within me mirror the rivers in the land, how my flesh and bone had been given birth to by the elements of the Earth. 

Finally I collapse to the ground in a small clearing , my muscles pleasantly aching from the exertion, my heartbeat slowing to a dull pulse, my breathing steadying to a more restful rhythm. My exhilaration spent, I curl up on my side, moonlight glancing across my chest, I settle to rest in the warm and ever present bosom of Mother Nature.

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