Waxing Lyrical 

On a lighter note to my usual writing, I was reflecting on my day to day battle to try and remain sane in what appears to be an increasingly insane world. 
I know we as ‘ energetically sensitive ‘ individuals often feel alone and isolated at times. I was thinking that it’s not really surprising all things considered. 

I find a simple conversation with other people something of a challenge. 

When I am asked by friends and family how I am today, my natural and honest response would be –

” On reflection, I’m trying to ground myself a little as I feel a little energetically unbalanced, I may have to sit quietly for a while, perhaps use some Nag Champa as I find that helps “.
Also when someone asks what I had been doing last night, my answer should be –

” I was reading Fritjof Capra’s book The Web of Life and his take on deep ecology  and later I sat on the porch taking in the beauty of dusk “.
Someone may say on a rather stormy day ” Isn’t the weather dreadful? ”

My probable natural response would possibly be –

” No, I think that’s it’s truly amazing. The way the wind blows through the landscape seeming to catalyse Nature’s natural cycles almost to a frenzy “,
Such responses, when stated, usually elicit an awkward silence from the individual. Followed by an avoidance of eye contact, a barely audible, however polite muttering as they make their excuses and leave the conversation. 
Also my more obvious predilections and preferences are queried by others e.g.

  – Why don’t you get your haircut ( I have long hair) 

  – Why are you vegan / vegetarian? 

  – What do you mean you don’t choose to drive? 

  – Why did you go on protest marches in London to protest against government policy? 

  – Why did you attend the anti vivisection rally?

  Etc, etc.
Just as well most people don’t know that I occasionally talk to trees, homeless people and spirits. 

So yes, life is a challenge when you don’t really fit in.

However, I much prefer to be myself. 

In the words of Carl Jung, I will continue to individuate ( pupate?), with only the occasional sojourn into society.

6 thoughts on “Waxing Lyrical 

  1. I can relate to all this, so painfully accurate in my case. The “How are you?”-s hurt because I am aware of both their expectation of what my answer should be and the reality what wants to come through when I am engaging in the discussion with them. So, either I’m feeling the rejection from them or the rejection of myself by myself. But then again, as you said also, I believe that the healthy option is to choose myself. Well, when it wants to come out…

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  2. I swear I totally relate to this, each and every word. It even made me laugh thinking of “awkward” answers I gave to people and the faces they made. It’s quite funny to me but I’m working on figuring out who would accept an honest answer to a question and who wouldn’t. Practice is my key lol

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