The Story Thus Far…………….

My previous post was about an epiphany I had a few weeks ago now. I have had requests to elucidate what exactly I experienced, so here goes.
I generally sense that we all grow develop in different ways in terms of spirituality, that is to say that there is no generic right path. However if we are authentic in our approach to life we have the capacity to individuate and thus are more able to fulfill our own potential.
There have been many subjects and experiences historically that have resonated with me although at the time I was not sure as to why. A kind of intuitive nudge I suspect.
These in short have been :
– sense of oneness with Nature
– Neolithic and pre Neolithic history
– ancient sites
– quantum physics
– Taoism
– Buddhism
– aspects of Paganism ( pantheism and pantheism)
– animism
– the works of Carl Jung
– deep ecology
– Hinduism
These are to mention just a few. I have also experienced instances of Advaita and to some extent Kundalini.
I also am very empathic by nature and can sense feelings and energies in people, animals and places.
However until now I had been unable to unite them into a coherent understanding of my own individual vision of the world.
My current suspicions are as follows :
– in primitive early man there was a strong empathic connection with our planet and its flora and fauna
– in sensitive and empathic individuals today this is also the case. Part of our mind is not ours but is found outside in the object. That is to say that intuitively we feel the unity with existence, that we are part and parcel of the the world around us. Thus due to this kind of unconscious link we are able to feel the energies of others and places around us. We recognize that we potentially share the same soul
– this would explain why many spiritually empathic types feel that do not belong to this world as it is currently. Due to Western Societys propensity to subjugate Nature in many of her forms, to live among the general populations casual acceptance of this is uncomfortable to say the least
– some Animistic belief systems ( e. g. American Indian cultures) recognise the Divinity in Nature and treat the world around them accordingly. This tradition and its maintenance would continue to maintain that natural empathic link.

For many people in Western Cultures these feelings are now lost or irretrievable due to the generic dualistic and Cartesian mindset. Hence many people are concerned about the environmental impact it is having upon our planet.
I hope that I have explained myself coherently as it’s rather a tricky topic to write about, mainly because the essence of it all is not about thinking but feeling.
I’m now going to have a read of the Chandogya Upanishad.

Tat Tvam Asi

14 thoughts on “The Story Thus Far…………….

  1. Hi, this is such an interesting post. I agree with everything you’ve written, and i think have interest in every subject on your list! I jst read another of your posts, and have never heard of the term empath but may look into it now.. i generally feel this connection you speak of, to nature and to other people, and these beliefs very much contributed to my experience of “mental illness.” I put that in quotes because don’t even get me started on what the alternative is… Also- thanks for liking my post!


  2. I’m so pleased I have found your blog, your words resonate with me and I look forward to reading more. I understand when you say it’s hard to put into words, because it’s a deep knowing that sometimes does not translate. Thank you for the follow and I look forward to knowing better through your work.

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  3. Elizabeth Seventh

    Maybe they ARE an alien tribe, or else WE are an alien tribe?? Now I’m starting to feel like an Ancient Astronaut Theorist, but oh well. Oh, I’ve had a few of these dreams now, where I somehow knew these people in my dreams (not from “real” life) and we were great friends and I really admired them. When I would wake up, I’d be like “Darn! Why can’t I really know and be with these people?!” It has begun to make me wonder if these dreams are actually another reality, and they actually ARE real?! How can I possibly find such a connection with people in my dreams, but not in real life? What do you think of that, or is that just too far-fetched? I guess nothing’s really too far-fetched if you think about it! πŸ˜‰

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    1. I agree, nothing is particularly far fetched when you consider the complexity of our world. It’s reassuring that someone also identifies with my feelings. Thank you. Perhaps we’re old souls in the wrong century? πŸ˜€

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      1. Elizabeth Seventh

        I do, and appreciate your blog very much. It is no easy task to put some of these thoughts and feelings into words. As far as old souls, I have felt my whole life like an old soul and I do believe this is something that exists. That could very well be what’s going on. And how interesting that we were able to connect through the internet!

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  4. Elizabeth Seventh

    You mentioned “sharing the same soul” – by this do you mean something like the same consciousness? I do sense a link in everything (nature, people, etc.) but also find that difficult to put into words. But I feel like it has to do with things like synchronicity. I feel like things are more closely related than most people think, which I feel is part of what you’re getting at here. When you mentioned “spiritually emphatic types” not feeling like they belong in the world as it currently is, you really hit the nail on the head. I literally have felt this way for most of my life.

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    1. Exactly Elizabeth! The same consciousness or even unconsciousness. Synchronatic events seem to happen when we are more in tune with our surroundings. I too find current society alienating, I have virtually nothing in common with most people, most of whom are rather ego centered or, dare I say it, seemingly small minded!

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      1. Elizabeth Seventh

        Yes – you can dare say it because it is true! It’s like they don’t want to come out of the “comfort zone” of their little square box of thought. The quality I see in others so often is that they are extremely superficial and judgmental about what they see on the surface of things, while I believe the things we actually “see” are just a small part of what’s there. Does that even make sense? As far as finding people I have things in common with? Ha! It’s getting more and more difficult as time goes on. Although, not long ago I had the most wonderful dream where I had many friends and was very happy. It was a dream.

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      2. It is somewhat like living amongst an alien tribe most of the time! And yes, what you say makes perfect sense. Unfortunately there seems to be very few of us so peer support can be tricky. I had a similar dream many years ago when I was sitting with others in a warm country glade. Everyone was wearing white and the there was a string feeling of equanimity and peace. It was fantastic πŸ™‚

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