Empath Problems 

Living the life of ( what is largely described as) an empath is a very challenging experience to say the very least. After all trying to exist and live a ‘normal’ human existence is frequently fraught with anxiety, stress, drama and perceived obstacles. 
So it is not surprising that those of us who share a predisposition to being energetically sensitive have more than the average person to contend with. 

Whether or not we agree with the term ’empath’ many of us indeed share similar proclivities. There are going to be variables depending on individuals however many ( including myself) experience the following :

  – a tendency to pick up on the emotional states of others ( and sometimes confuse them as our own) 

  – a tendency to pick up on Earth / Nature energies 

  – an extreme sensitivity to whatsoever is in the energetic field of our vicinity, including spirits, ghosts and paranormal entities 

  – we may take on physiological and psychological aspects of those to whom we are close to 

  – numinous spiritual occurrences, for example Advaitic, Kundalini et al episodes 

  – moving in and out of anothers dreams. 

This list certainly is not exhaustive nor exclusive but it gives us an idea of what ‘ normal’ can be like for the empathic on a day to day basis. 

Before we discover and understand our ‘ energetic sensitivity’ we are largely at the mercy of whatever situation we find ourselves in. This can leave ourselves prone to intense uncontrolled emotions, questioning our sanity as well as feelings of isolation and loneliness ( due to not being able to confide our feelings to those around us). This is when being empathic can feel like a curse. 

However it is possible to embrace these abilities and to enjoy the rich depths of insight and sensuality open to us. 

The first step is to understand what being empathic is. 

The next is to find what works for us to enable the individual to maintain balance and reign in some of these disparate energies. Some find grounding, shielding and meditation helps. 

We do though need to bear in mind that we need to be loving and compassionate to ourselves. The fact that on our journey so far we have encountered many, many challenges, possibly more than most others. And this is often without the advantage of peer support due to the uniqueness of our predilection for sensitivity. 
Namaste ( “I bow to the divine in you” – Hinduism) 


18 thoughts on “Empath Problems 

  1. Anxious Andrea

    Love this – Definitely ticked off all the boxes. It took me years to figure out that the emotions I was feeling weren’t necessarily mine – I know we’re still learning as we live but i’m here for support if needed 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much for putting it all into words and giving some guidance and hope to this thing that I’ve been experiencing and feeling. It’s the most isolating, loneliest feeling in the world. You have helped a lot! Your clarity, insight and experiences. Not to mention just getting to read someone so perfectly and maturely articulate exact viewpoints and feelings that I muddle up trying to relay to my person. Thank you!!! Synchronicity was at play and I’m grateful to have tapped in. 💜
    Oh, lastly, do you recommend any specific book to get started reading Carl Jung? Thanks

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, I’m really pleased you found the article helpful. Re Carl Jung, I found the best book to begin with was Memories, Dreams and Reflections. It’s sort of autobiographical but gives an excellent overview of his core concepts. Best of luck on your journey 😀


  3. Hi, this is such an interesting post! I can relate to many of the things you describe here, but had never heard of the term empath before, will have to look into it. Thanks for sharing, and also for reading my own post! 🙂

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      1. I was aware but unaware, if that makes sense. My problem was that many of the experiences I had were linked in my mind with my mental illness.. I always held that the majority of what happened to me was spiritual in nature, but it all got mixed up in the conflict between real and unreal, sane and insane. I never lost my own true interpretation or version of events.. but I have had to disentangle it in my mind from the negative aspects of this condition.. I’m not sure if that makes any sense? Anyway, thanks for the thoughts, all very thought provoking..!

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  4. tabbyrenelle

    I personally enjoy going into the chaos and actually meeting the trouble Individuator. What’s the use of an empath if you shut off/out the feelings of what disturbs you? Aren’t you supposed to witness?
    Thanks for the recent “like”
    and best wishes for your sensitive travels!
    I am reading the comments and the advice not to participate or engage is wrongheaded. Nothing to fear but fear itself, luvy. We are resilient.

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      1. tabbyrenelle

        Thanks for your reply. no apologies necessary. It wasn’t you but the comment section that lead me to wonder about the shields. Mislead no. Blessings to you and your work(s)…
        peace. 🙂

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  5. poetrybyliviniarendall

    You should try to surround yourself with positive people and therefore have positive energy. I recently set myself lots of challenges. And it was hard but I stuck to them. I was feeling really low before… 9-5 job, doing the same thing over and over! My midlife crisis, I wish i did years ago! I am having so much fun, set up a blog, doing large and small daily challenges. Suddenly meeting new people… so exciting. BUT you must stick to it!!!


  6. Someone asked me about why I spend so much time alone in spite of being so relatable & sociable. I tried to explain, but I didn’t do it as thorough & eloquently as this. Thank you for sharing your insight.

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  7. Love this. As an empath, I’ve had to become comfortable with have very few friends. While I have a bunch of acquaintances, I’ve had bad luck with “friends” for decades. Most were using me and when I became tired I would deliberately drive them away or cut them off. I could have handled things better but I’m out of steam and it all comes out now! Have you had any experiences like this?

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