A Bit About the World and Me…….

For some reason I seem to be a kind of ‘save the world’ type of person. There are probably many reasons for this i.e. I’m an INFP if you believe in the Myerrs Briggs analogies or perhaps I am really trying to save myself to take on a more analytic concept. Whatever the reason why doesn’t matter as I know my intention is heartfelt.
So I wake up every morning to yet again be confronted with society’s worst crimes, both against each other and the planet.
And then I have to figure out why, as is my nature.
In my career in mental health I have come across probably thousands of individuals with a huge variety of issues and they have taught me more about mankind than any book.

The steepest learning curve were to be found when I worked in secure units in forensic psychiatry. For those unfamiliar with the term, these are specialist units set up to deal with mentally disordered offenders who have committed crimes including murder and every other crime one can think of. These people have largely come from dysfunctional and abusive backgrounds and to be frank it is unsurprising that their lives took such a turn.
Although this is the extreme end of the spectrum, the problems albeit different by degree, are similar throughout human behaviour.

The average person in Western society seems to have very little understanding of their own and others inherent psychology.
Carl Jung stated
” We need more understanding of human nature, because the only real
danger that exists is man himself. He is the great danger, and we are
pitifully unaware of it. We know nothing of man, far too little. His psyche
should be studied, because we are the origin of all coming evil.
(Jung 1977 : 436).
He also frequently mentions the ‘shadow’ “which is a term he used to describe the unconscious which contain the more crude and baser elements of our psyche.

Though evidently man’s inhumanity to each other and other species is multifactorial, education would at least impart a possible degree of awareness as to regards ours and others actions in the world.
Perhaps a start would be to teach psychology at school along with the other sciences as it still seems to be percieved as a Cinderella subject. However nothing could be further from the truth.
In today’s society, more than ever, it would be highly beneficial for all to understand psychological phenomena like transference, projection, reaction formation etc. It would enable us as a society to see where destructive behaviours in ourselves and others emanate from.

Unfortunately numerous groups know how to manipulate human mentality.
Many people believe other races, cultures or even those of different ideologies as ‘less than human’
( as they may feel threatened in some way) and thus dispensible.
These groups can often whip up support by appealing to racist or nationalist prejudices. By doing this, in analytical terms, they are appealing to our injured selves and to its associated narcissistic rage. Again this would more than likely be unconscious in most individuals

Thus unless we as a society somehow address our cultural blindness to the ways of the human psyche, I fear the unconscious aspects of our minds will continue be enacted in the outside world in the form of interpersonal violence, wars, racism et al.

11 thoughts on “A Bit About the World and Me…….

  1. I am equally balanced between INFP and ENFP, with that first (introvert/extrovert) swinging between 49-51 percent, depending on when the test is administered. Quite often it factors out to a precise 50-50 split. That being said…

    I agree we need to teach our children better, but I question if psychology (as a subject) is the way to go. Not only is it a “soft” science dependent upon subjective observation and interpretation, but it’s theories (much more relevant and applicable in the abstract and in large samples), can be used to manipulate the unaware, putting more tools into the hands of those who might abuse them. So says the empath who used her knowledge of such (gained as a patient) to start and run a “successful” cult at the age of 16. It is virtually impossible to instill ethics into a damaged psyche, but most of us (raised in dysfunctional society) suffer from damaged psyches.

    I believe we stand a better chance of “improving” our world by teaching emotions. If we can learn to accurately identify our emotions, learn how to process them, and how to separate ours from others, we would go a long way toward fostering empathy. Empathy is what will ultimately reduce violence, be it verbal, physical or psychological. When we can recognize the difference between anger and fear, between frustration and irritation, between love and lust, for example, we will have made significant progress in addressing many of the motives for acting out. If we teach healthy strategies for owning, acknowledging, and releasing them, we will have made progress in not only healing individuals, but society as a whole. Ethics are a natural consequence of emotional maturity… So says the grandmother who frequently pushes her grandchildren to learn other words than mad, glad and sad (and tired) to explain all they are feeling. Lol!

    Still teaching psychology as you suggest, but focusing on its application rather than its theories. 🙂

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  2. cortessa2c

    Wow! Psychology in school. But ofcourse, if we can generate more understanding toward psycho social and puberty related problems, we may be informing our children early on about how to accept and process past their own issues!

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