Alone…… ( Empath reflections part one)

Having purchased a beer from the bar he took a wander outside to the empty beer garden. Choosing a wooden bench which gave a view over the city street lights about a mile and a half away he sat down wearily. It was just getting to be dusk and the early evening air was becoming chill quite quickly. Rolling a cigarette from his pouch he reflected on various aspects of his life.
Especially how he appreciated his alone time.
One of the many downsides to bring an empath he had found was one could never quite shut out the noise of other peoples thoughts and emotions. When amongst others it was like a background of white noise often drowning out his own perceptions and clarity of thought. But now all that had stopped and his mind settled back into the luxurious still and quiet of the evening.
Yes, he thought, this whole empath thing is weird. It seems to only really be recognised by those whom have similar experiences and not widely accepted as being an actual trait.
He had never met another empath in the flesh with whom he could share his thoughts. He had found speaking to none empaths about it made them look at him incredulously and more often than not smile politely whilst they were thinking “okay fruit loop, you’re a nice guy but I need to either change the subject or make my excuses and leave”.
He had met a few people with empathic traits but they were usually to involved in their human egoic lives to be able to step out of the rational. One lady he has communicated with briefly was highly paranoid and guarded and was completely unable to discuss her experiences.

So here he was again, alone with his thoughts. Of course there are many upsides to being an empath. It gave one the ability to see and feel things with an exquisite depth seemingly unavailable to others. To be able to read most people literally like a book, few individuals had ever surprised him with their stories as he could feel it in their souls.
Therefore was also the paranormal stuff too. The small distant voices of others no longer of this realm, usually to be found in historic buildings / places. The occasional orb activity, the quick shadow movement of spirits in the vicinity, the hide and seek behaviour of spectral beings moving items around the house. That’s to name but a few.
But for now he would simply bathe his mind and soul in the calm silence and the cool evening air.

19 thoughts on “Alone…… ( Empath reflections part one)

  1. In the past, it’s been difficult for me to step outside my comfort zone and share my inner world. I finally came to a place where the pain of keeping it hidden caused so much chaos, it’s all on the outside now. I am ME. I’m awesome. And if you think I’m a fruit loop Ima say: want milk with that or no? LOL!!!!!
    Happy Easter and BE WELL xoxo

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  2. I initially missed this one during one of my recent busy periods with selling our house and all (what a time to move, LOL).
    You did a great job or relating what it’s like to live as an empath. I’ve dealt with all of it for decades. The worst part is you can’t talk to most people about it either or they think you’re nuts, or at least some new age airhead.

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  3. Hi Individuator, I have lived as an empath all my life and could have written your experiences myself. I have practiced TM (Transcendental Meditation) for many years and this gradual grounding has helped me both make intelligent choices so that I am happy as an empath, and also insulate myself from all of the mental/emotional energy in the world. As a child I would purposely wake up at 2 or 3 AM just to have the world to myself for a bit, quiet and noise-free. Thanks for sharing!

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      1. Thank you – Hi, yes I re-read my comment and I mistakenly implied that TM ‘solved’ the problem of overwhelm that us empaths experience. It didn’t, though has made it manageable. I am living in a quiet rural area now and loving it.

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  4. Brilliant! Your experiences and their resultant insights would be wonderful material for a star character in a series, Dear! And, it would certainly advance the understanding of the masses concerning the gifts and challenges of an empathic nature. You write so well, it would be most enjoyable to read, I’m sure! (I don’t know if it’s relevant at all, but just off the top of my head, I think of the Lincoln Child’s Pendergast series.) Thanks for sharing! πŸ’ž

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