An Anomalous Life…..

Ever since I can remember I have had anomalous experiences. These along with many other synchroniticous events have always hinted to me about the presence of something ‘other’ than what is ordinarily percieved in ordinary day to day life.
I have long since stopped sharing these episodes with others as it would appear that they are not common to many people. That is most individuals believe that I am either joking or are simply more unhinged than I appear already!!

This empathic trait of mine seems to allow me to access to the sensing of other energetic phenomena not common to others. A few examples follow, please indulge me as I would appreciate your thoughts –
– as a child I have a distinct recollection of conversing with a kind of Lilliputian group of people who lived in my house. They also had a german shepherd dog.
– Seeing fleeting glimpses of seemingly spirit like persons drifting across my bedroom
– have lived in many ‘haunted’ houses where soap has flown off window sills, doorbells rang where there were none, seeing part or whole human figures who passed through solid objects, shaking beds and creaking floorboards with no physical explanation to state just a few
– hearing ‘voices’ / partial conversations when no one was around
– feelings of being watched whilst visiting some ancient sites and having had later looked at the photo’s observed small, gremlin type faces in the undergrowth.

I have come to accept these things as ‘normal’ now and I simply smile wryly to myself at any further incidents, usually speaking aloud to whatever causative factor I percieve it to be.
It sometimes feels that I am in some way a catalyst to these events and are integral to them.

There are also varieties on this theme too whereby synchronitic occurrences take place or simply just odd situations occurring.
I once had a kundalini type experience whilst I was walking through a local park on a beautiful, sunny Autumn day. It was quite unnerving and on the way home I took time to peer into a nearby river. There for the first time I saw an eel swimming in the clear water. Following a bit of evening research I discoverd kundalini was described as a snake found at the base of the spine. Also that the symbol ouroboros related to some aspects of my life at that time.

It seems that the Universe may have many messages for us but we need to be open to them and be able to somewhat objective in their analysis in how they may relate to us.

” Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have the eyes to see”.
Carl Jung.

I would also add so are anomalous experiences 😊

2 thoughts on “An Anomalous Life…..

  1. These are anomalous events?!! ;D

    Although, I have to admit I never actually made the connection between being an empath and experiencing some of these things. That’s a new thought for me, and one worth exploring more. Sure, the “spirit sightings” and such, but I had never made the connection with synchronicities. (BTW, I love your forms of the word, and may need to borrow them in the future; “synchronitic” and “synchronicitous” sound so much more appealing than just “synchronous”.)

    But, now that I’m thinking about it, I have to admit that as I learn to feel more and shield less, these types of events grow more common in my life. And as more people come to identify themselves as empaths, they are less likely to call the “white coats” on you, and seem more willing to discuss them as possible reality. So maybe you’re on to something here…

    I do believe that as empaths, part of our purpose here is to “bridge the gap” between different realities, dimensions and beings. And that we may be drawn toward specific ones who need a way to communicate with our world. For me, it’s trees. I’ve always spoken to them; over the last couple years, they’ve become much more willing and eager to talk back. Perhaps yours are these tiny nature spirits?

    All terrestial life seems to be reaching out these days, more vehemently demanding attention, and I’ve just supposed it is because circumstances are so precarious right now for all indiginous life forms here. They need us humans to wake up and stop destroying their world. But that’s just my opinion.

    If nothing else, I can validate your experiences with a hearty “me, too,” if that’s of any value to you. But I’m not sure how much the endorsement of a “certified” schizophrenic may mean to you in your attempts to place these experiences on the spectrum of anomalous to normal.

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    1. Thank you very much Lisa, you’re comments are always valid and pertinent 😊I suppose I feel that empaths are energetically sensitive and thus more able to pick up on different vibrational patterns that others may not be aware. ❤️

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